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Breitling for Bentley

The Breitling for Bentley Motors is one of the Classic Breitling for Bentley Models, with the knurled Bentley-insipired bezel and 30-Second Chronograph. The 30-Second Chronograph means the second hand travels around the dial twice in one minute for the Chronograph feature.
Breitling Bentley Motors watches replica are an original design inspired by the vehicle which has lent this exquisite timepiece its name. Featuring a knurled finishing on the bezel, inspired by Bentley control buttons, the elegance of this timepiece is unmatched. The large, standout case houses the Breitling Bentley Motors COSC Certified automatic chronograph caliber 25B movement which features a unique 30 second chronograph, enabling the privileged wearer to read off increments of 1/8th of a second. Breitling for Bentley fake watch masterpiece also features a variable tachometer enabling accurate measurement of average speed. The size, style, and quality of this collection has earned the privilege to have been lent the Bentley name.